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Formation of Amil Samachar

This Panchayat started well and brought almost all Amils who were resettled in Bombay as members. The Panchayat functioned in a manner to reach and touch upon all members in Bombay living in far flung localities periodically by holding meetings in different places. Panchayat representatives even kept visiting distant places to contact members in a show of brotherhood. Within its limited resources the Panchayat provided cheap housing accommodation to a few needy members. It held seminars, discussions on Amil brotherhood and customs. Social gathering, meetings, seminars and debates were excellent means of communicating the ideas about the role of Panchayat to new generation of Amils. But these too had limitations. At no time could the entire community be taken to Lonavla or Sun-n-sand Hotel to participate in seminars. It was therefore considered that a periodical journal in Sindhi and English be published and mailed to all members to serve the purpose of keeping the community informed about the activities and seek their participation in absentia.

It started a bilingual monthly journal to keep members informed of happenings and events in the community. Late Gopal Gurbaxani who had ample experience in such matters took up on himself the responsibility of an Editor, of the newspaper "SARASWATI" Gopal and his wife Savitri kept the journal running for many years.

A group named 'Young Amils Circle' was also started for community's new generation youngsters to bring about social contacts among them. This circle started its own monthly journal 'Young Amil' to enlighten youngsters of the fundamentals of the community.

All these and other activities of the Panchayat in pursuance of its aims and objectives made it a prime lively organization and highly popular association.

Authored by Shri Doulat T. Punwaney, the only surviving member of the first Committee and Edited by Asha Idnani and Menka Shivdasani.

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